Non-Toxic Raw Materials, Ingredients & Formulas

  • The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia 7th Edition
  • Hemp Seed Oil from Canada – “Nature’s Most Perfectly Balanced Oil”
  • Neem Oil from India – “Nature’s Multi Purpose Oil”
  • Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Base Oils
  • Vegetable Oils, Nut Oils, Nut Butters & Bees Wax
  • Peppermint Oil, Menthol Crystals, Menthol Crude Oil
  • Pine OleoResin, Rosin, Turpentine, Kiln Tar, Oleoresin Oil, Pine Oil
  • Cedar Wood Oil from USA - “Deet Free” Eco-Friendly Indoor Outdoor Pest Control
  • Cedar Wood Oil with Hydrated Silica – Developed  for the US Army for Protection from Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, No-See-Ums, Gnats, Flies, Bedbugs & Mites (not for plants)
  • Cedar Wood Oil with Ethyl Lactate – the Ultimate Agricultural “Chemical Free ” Pest Protection for Crops, Poultry, Dairy, Equine, Goats, Sheep, Llamas & Dogs
  • Cedar Wood Oil with Silicone – Wood Preservation & Termiticidal Treatment
  • Activated Charcoal – “Nature’s Most Powerful Clinical Adsorbent”
  • Silver Aquasol Technology – SilverSol  – Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal for People & Pets
  • Copper-Silver Ionization System - Water Purification for Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Hotels, Farms

The characteristic constituents, flavor and aroma of plant oils/resins are directly determined by the soil condition, fertilizer & pest control, geographical region, climate, altitude, time of planting & harvesting, the size & age of the plant, part of the plant used, harvesting methods, extraction process, and storage & transportation conditions.  Today much of the market offerings are grown chemically then processed and cut with synthetics and solvents.  It is our mission to provide only Non-toxic, Natural and Earthwise products.


Our oils are 100% PURE with NO synthetics and NOT adulterated with alcohol or petrochemical solvents, fillers or carriers.  Regardless of your application always demand the highest quality ingredients and a batch based certificate of analysis.



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